Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Dear Jane Quilt - Draw 56 - E12, H7, M11, L8

Dear Jane Quilt - Draw 55 - E11, G1, H12, K7
Dear Jane Quilt - Draw 55 - E11, G1, H12, K7
Thank you for all the supportive comments about my last post.  My Dear Jane blocks have been laid out on my floor since October, so they are quite a familiar sight for me, but I guess the glimpse I gave you revealed the actual progress I am making.

In getting this blog post together I have realised that my photographic record taking of each block and set of blocks lapsed near the end when the excitement of getting it together took momentum.  This is the last 'set' picture I have and some of the blocks did not even get their photo taken before I had sewn them in!

In our progress there are only 8 more blocks to show you.  Once they are done what will I have to show you each day?  I still don't have anything planned for 2017.

Draw 56
E12 - Mary Ruth's Corset
H7 - Bennington Star
M11 - Ricshaw
L8 - Box Kite

This Draw will be in Orange


  1. What next indeed? I've been thinking about Lisa Bongean's 2017 Triangle Gatherings, a Needle Pulling Thread's flock of geese challenge & the Quilted Moose's Let Them Eat Cake challenge. Lots of thinking; no stitching done yet.

  2. What an amazing journey with Jane you have had! And yes, what next. I can't wait to see.