Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Dear Jane Quilt - Draw 57 - Border Triangles TR2, TR12, BR2, BR12

English Paper Piecing - Dear Jane Quilt
English Paper Piecing - Dear Jane Quilt
Here is a view from the back of my Dear Jane quilt as it is in its current status.  It is all together, just another border and the papers to remove.  This photo shows it in all its English Paper Piecing glory.

The photo is also to distract you from the fact that I did not do a collective photo of Draw 56, the little square orange blocks and that I swiftly moved on to Draw 57 - the FINAL one, which is a set of border triangles.

Draw 57
TR2 - Australian Pines
TR12 - Jane's Oak
BR2 - Leigh's Woods
BR12 - Jessie's Stained Glass

This Draw will be in Red


  1. Your quilt is beyond belief beautiful. All the colors you have worked with combined with the taupe background is just exquisite. It is interesting to see the back.

  2. Wow, I love the back. You could display the back instead as a modern deconstruction Dear Jane art quilt.

  3. Oh my! So, will we get to see the "sea of papers" on the floor at the end?

  4. The back looks amazing, almost a stained glass look about it.