Saturday, 7 April 2018

Exeter Quilt Show 2018 - American Jane fabric haul

American Jane Fabric
American Jane Fabric
I expect you are all wondering when you will see my Dear Jane quilted.  So am I.  I am procrastinating and yesterday I managed to find some displacement activity by going to the Exeter Quilt Show at Westpoint.  You will see from the picture the magnificent haul which I largely managed to pick up at the charity stall. Instead of concentrating on finishing Dear Jane, I am already starting to focus on the next project which I had planned.  I am looking for American Jane (Moda) fabrics and I managed to pick up some old ranges in the form of a Frivol box (Bread and Butter), a deconstructed Jelly Roll (Recess) and a tiny charm pack (Hop, Skip and Jump).  I supplemented it with a layer cake from the current range (Merry Go Round).

I'm not allowed to start until, she is quilted ....