Sunday, 24 January 2016

Dear Jane Quilt - Border Triangle Block LR10 Megan's Cathedral

Dear Jane Quilt - Border Triangle Block  LR10 Megan's Cathedral
Dear Jane Quilt - Border Triangle Block  LR10 Megan's Cathedral
Here is the final triangle border block for Draw 16, LR10 Megan's Cathedral.  In terms of the fabric choice, it is a bit of a 'dog's dinner', but when mixed in with everything else I am hoping it will look fine.

Today I am having a Slow Stitching Sunday.  It is rare that I let myself sit down for a day and simply hand stitch, but the last few weekends have been busy and I thought I would grab a bit of 'me' time.  I am doing as Kathy recommends and not thinking about my To Do list or ruminating about my worries.  Just stitching.

Several of you shared your Quiltalongs with us.  I haven't started any yet and have still to make any decisions, but look forward to seeing your progress on your blogs.

Techniques: English Paper Piecing
Pieces: 24


  1. It doesn't look at all like a dog's dinner to me. Simply beautiful and I am sure it will blend beautifully with the rest. Enjoy your hand stitching time.

  2. Yah... I am clapping for you! So happy you will just relax and stitch, and have a break from life today! Enjoy every minute!
    This is another lovely block!

  3. I really like the fabrics you chose for that piece. They are very pretty.

  4. Enjoy your relaxing stitching day. I think we all need to take a break from life and pamper ourselves with things we enjoy. A great way to recharge the batteries to face a new week. Your DJ triangle looks great.

  5. I also took a bit of me time today to do some stitching. There is always way too much to do and not enough time. I am amazed at all the people who do the DJ quilt.

  6. Glad you took some time just to enjoy some stitching. It's hard to make ourselves do that. The triangle pieces of D J are what have always amazed me in wondering how Jane originally drafted those.

  7. Your DJ block looks beautiful to me!