Friday, 29 January 2016

Dear Jane Quilt - Border Triangle Block RR5 Geisha Girl

Dear Jane Quilt - Border Triangle Block  RR5 Geisha Girl
Dear Jane Quilt - Border Triangle Block  RR5 Geisha Girl
There were a few nervous moments with this block.  I lost the very top tiny triangle, but knew there were only two places it could be and it eventually turned up stuck to another piece of the block.  I constructed the Dear Jane border triangle RR5 Geisha Girl using my usual English Paper Piecing technique, except for the melon in the centre which I appliqued. 

Last Monday I shared my current 'Springwatch' activity, seeing the development of my hyacinth.  It is certainly starting to shoot up and I expect the flowers to be peeping out within the next few days.  Can you guess what colour it will be?

Techniques: Appliqué and English Paper Piecing
Pieces: 26 pieces


  1. Another beautiful block. Funny how little lost pieces always turn up somewhere! I am so encouraged by your hyacinth. Could spring really be approaching? And, I wanted to mention that if you stand away from the screen a bit, the diagram of your DJ progress looks like a butterfly. Thought it might tickle you. Or, maybe you planned it that way!

  2. Such a pretty block. You are making great progress on finishing up your quilt. Beautiful flower on the way. Make it feel almost like spring.

  3. That looks like a very complicated block!!

  4. Wonderful block !!!!. Dejar Jane is one of my favourites quilts. This year I wish Rosewood so e of the blocks.