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Monday, 30 October 2017

La Passacaglia - October 2017 update

La Passacaglia - October 2017 update
It has been a while since I have had my La Passacaglia out, but a few days away allowed me to resurrect my interest in it.  It doesn't look like there has been much change since you last saw it in July, but  I can assure you that there has.  The colour scheme - well there isn't an overall one, but within each rosette I am enjoying playing with colours.
I could do with a La Passacaglia day, just to sort out how many of the rosettes I intend to do and to bring on each of the circles to the next stage, but I don't see that coming until the Christmas break. 

Friday, 7 July 2017

July 2017 Update - La Passacaglia

La Passacaglia - June 2017
I thought I had better put up a post as my dedicated followers (Jocelyn / Mollie) have been wondering what I have been up to.  Last time I posted I had just started the La Passacaglia quilt and in the picture you can see the progress.  This one is much harder than the previous projects as there are a lot of design decisions along the way.  Life was so simple when it was just a little Dear Jane block to do. Naturally I want to put my own twist on it and finding the time to do that has been the obstacle.  It demands a lot of different fabrics and as a result my workroom has imploded with fabric and there is currently restricted access.  I haven't had time for the Scrappy Challenge and Dear Jane is still waiting for her papers to be taken out.
I have also been creatively sidetracked with other creative stuff.  I bought a Gelli plate and it has re-ignited my interest in mixed media.  Then I bought a Brother Scan N Cut once I realised I could cut all my English paper pieces from it - yes it really can.
If you are wondering what sewing I am really up to, you had better head over to my other blog.  There is no shortage of sewing going on there and it probably the best place to find me  / Follow me if you want to check I am still alive.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

THE NEW PROJECT - La Passacaglia

La Passacaglia - Rosette 1

I thought it was time I started a new English Paper Piecing project.  There were several candidates in the ring, but The Passacaglia by Wyllyne Hammerstein has won.  I thought this was a good project to use my stash, completely massacre it with some fussy cutting, as well as leaving the option open to buy fabric that was considered 'essential' for the project when out and about.  Naturally I was slightly influenced by Wendy's divine interpretation.  Here is my progress so far.  The colour choice seems to be infinite and I have changed my mind so many times already.
Millefiori Quilts Willyne Hammerstein book

Back in the summer I purchased the book and the templates from Sew and Quilt.  There are only five shapes for the whole quilt which keeps it simple, but allows you to stroke fabric all day whilst choosing your colour combinations.  I don't have a particular colour scheme in mind, it will be dictated by my stash and therefore I expect it to grow organically.
Sew and Quilt Acrylic Templates - La Passacaglia
Sew and Quilt Acrylic Templates - La Passacaglia
 So there you go. I think the most difficult challenge will be not losing the acrylic templates!

Joining up with Kathy at Slow Stitching Sunday!