Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Dear Jane Quilt - Draw 8, A6, D9, M10, M12

Dear Jane Quilt - Draw 7, Edge Triangles TR7, LR7, RR7, BR7
Dear Jane Quilt - Draw 7, Edge Triangles TR7, LR7, RR7, BR7
So here are the first triangle border blocks for the Dear Jane quilts.  I am pleased to have these under my belt as I don't want to have the border to do at the end.  I have seen many Dear Jane quilts where the maker decided against the border, probably weary of the process, but I definitely want a border.

Onto Draw 8.  These blocks look super simple.

A6 - Uncle Homer
D9 - Uncle Richard
M10 - Simple Simon
M12 - Hopscotch

This round will be in YELLOW. Hurrah - a different colour.  The yellow fabrics are quite murky, neither green or orange, so designated as yellow for the convenience of this project.


  1. Making the border triangles early on is a great idea. I have not made my Jane quilt yet, but I know that the distinctive border is what makes it so special rather than just another sampler quilt.

  2. Your triangles are lovely. This is going to be very pretty.

  3. I love your use of more than one value. My neural circuitry is so clogged considering the construction that I haven't thought enough about my fabric choices.

  4. Again, Frances, I have to say how generous you are to share your techniques with us. I have learned so much from your Nearly Insane journey and your Jane quilt adventure that it is a real help to me as I work the Farmer's Wife using EPP. You are a master of the method though.