Monday, 19 October 2015

Dear Jane Quilt - Draw 9, C2, H2, H8, M2

Dear Jane Quilt - Draw 8, A6, D9, M10, M12
Dear Jane Quilt - Draw 8, A6, D9, M10, M12

Draw 8 was perhaps one of the easiest sets of blocks I have done in a long time and it was a nice change to be using some different fabrics.  Thank you to the Followers of my blog who regularly post a comment, it certainly keeps up the motivation.

The next Draw has been done

C2 - Streak of Lightening
H2 - Jacob Anthony
H8 - Eaton's Crossroads
M2 - Duff's Bluff

The colour for this Draw is Orange - back to the same old routine ....


  1. Guilty as charged! I read your blog regularly and love your work and commitment, but I can rarely think of something original to say. Must try harder!

  2. I am having trouble coming up with new original comments too......all your blocks are so well done.

  3. I've been reading your blog for a while and never left a comment... I'll try -let's hope this gets published!- I am amazed by the perfection you get with the paper-piecing method! And the fabric combination is really beautiful!

    1. Sorry, now that I read this again, I notice my comment it's kind of strange... I have tried to post a comment before and it wouldn't appear... I do not why! I'm really new to the blog-world :-)

  4. You're posting so fast I don't have time to comment! I particularly love the fussy cutting in the Hopscotch block.