Monday, 27 May 2013

Nearly Insane Quilt - Draw 8

I am trying to get ahead of myself at the moment, so I have also made the next draw for my Nearly Insane Quilt.  Those blocks are

28 - 53 - 64 - 90

I have also updated the image of the overall progress I am making on the quilt, which is always sitting on the side bar of the blog.  I get this image from the Electric Quilt 5 software that I have.  It is easy to do, File - Export Snapshot, select the area you want to copy, and then I usually save it on the clipboard to open up in Photoshop.

Nearly Insane Quilt Progress
Nearly Insane Quilt Progress
May 2013

Considering it is all hand pieced, and that I only started it in February, I am please with my progress.


  1. you are doing great work on this quilt. I know these blocks are larger than the Dear Jane blocks - I have both the books -- I made 2 Dear Jane's - the work can become tedious at times doesn't it. I know I took a lot of breaks while I was making my quilts. I love the colors you are using. I didn't know there was software for the NI quilt. I just used the book for DJ although there was software

  2. Hi Frances, Your top expands quick. It is really looking beautiful, I love your colors.