Monday, 28 October 2013

Bonnie Hunter's 2013 Mystery Quilt - Celtic Solstice Introduction

Last week Bonnie Hunter over at Quiltville released her 2013 Mystery Quilt, which she is calling Celtic SolsticeI have pretty much been looking forward to doing her next 'Mystery Quilt', since I completed the last one, 'Easy Street', in January.  With all the hand stitching that goes on here at Fabadashery throughout the year, machining a quilt over the holidays is a real change for me, as I get to sit on the sewing machine and see a whole quilt come together in just a few weeks.
'Celtic Solstice' 2013 Mystery Quilt colour scheme Bonnie Hunter
'Celtic Solstice' 2013 Mystery Quilt colour scheme
With colours inspired from her trip to Ireland earlier this year, Bonnie has chosen a bright blue, bright green, bright yellow, orange and neutral colour combination.  The fabric colours above are my interpretation, taken from my stash. Also, she has also provided fabric yardage for two sizes of quilt.  I love the idea of doing the large size, but I need another large quilt to quilt like a hole in the head, so I think I will be opting for the smaller size this time around.

Last year for the Easy Street Mystery Quilt, I mixed up the colour scheme a bit, using warm reds, purples, greens, and tan.  I was really pleased with the result, and it makes for a lovely winter quilt.  However, when I pulled it out in the heat of the summer to show a friend the colours just looked WRONG for that time of year.  Since then I have had it in my head to do Bonnie's 2013 Mystery Quilt in a summer colour scheme. If I am honest I have had this colour scheme in mind for a quilt all year, so whatever Bonnie chose, I was going to adapt it to the colours I have been building up in my stash!

Celtic Solstice Quilt - Colour Alternative Pastel
Celtic Solstice Quilt - Colour Alternative
I will be using lime green, yellow, tangerine and soft pink. Comparing the colours in Bonnie's Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt, I still have green, yellow and orange, but have shifted it around the colour wheel towards red / pink instead of the blue, and as you can see, my fabrics are less saturated in colour. 

Colour Wheel Pocket Artists
Colour Wheel
Also, I noticed that the two greatest amounts of yardage are the blue and orange - opposites on the colour wheel.  Oh dear, I am trying to second guess the outcome of Celtic Solstice already!
2 Peak in 1 Ruler - Creative Grids
2 Peak in 1 Ruler - Creative Grids
Like last time we will be using the Easy Angle Ruler, and this time Bonnie is introducing the Tri-Recs Rulers.  Again, I don't have these, but I do have what I believe to be the Creative Grids alternative, the 2 peaks in 1 Ruler.  Do you think this will be OK?

With the colour scheme sorted, the next dilemma I have is to set up a Leaders and Enders project ... 


  1. 75" is still quite a big quilt.

  2. This all sounds very exciting! I don't think I'd be brave enough to try a mystery quilt :)

  3. looking forward to seeing this one grow - love your colour choices! I think I will pass this year, I still haven't finished Easy Street!