Friday, 27 December 2013

Other Quilting news ...

With the Celtic Mystery Quilt, the Nearly Insane blocks, the preparation for the holidays I didn't had much time for blogging before Christmas, and there are a few things I wanted to catch up on.
'Quilting Wide Open Spaces' by Judi Madsen
Firstly, I finally received my copy of 'Quilting Wide Open Spaces' by Judi Madsen, of Green Fairy Quilts.  I ordered it back in the summer, but there were delays on the printing, so I have been waiting quite a long time for it - but not as much as Judi had to wait for her first published book!  The book is about quilting with a long arm quilting machine.  I don't have a long arm machine, and tend to hand quilt most of my quilts, but I have always been amazed by the beautiful custom machine quilting that Judi does, as it is so neat and well thought out. I could be converted ...

Finally, some very sad news.  A few days ago I found out that my favourite local quilt shop, Busy Bees in Newport, Wales, had had a serious fire during the night, and it looks like EVERYTHING has been destroyed.  I can't imagine how heart-broken the owners must feel.  I had just started attending a Worker Bees group there once a month, and some of the fabrics in my Celtic Solstice quilt were purchased from there, so I had only visited there quite recently.  It makes you realise what an important role LQS's have in building your local sewing community.

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  1. so sorry to hear of the local quilt shop burning down - when you find a good meeting place you want to keep it. Maybe the owners will open in a new building? I had not thought to get Judi's book as she puts so very much quilting in her quilts that I don't think I could ever duplicate her work with hand quilting and I don't know enough by machine.