Wednesday 23 September 2015

Dear Jane Quilt - Draw 5, A2, H9, I11, M3

Dear Jane Quilt - Blocks B11, D5, F8 L11
Dear Jane Quilt - Blocks B11, D5, F8 L11
Here is a pleasing set of blocks from my Dear Jane Quilt, Draw 4.  They are going to be placed in the same position, but mirrored in four different corners of the quilt, so I hope that in the overall scheme of things they will balance nicely.  You can get the idea of how my quilt is coming along by the image on the sidebar.
The next Draw has taken place

A2 - One Two Buckle My Shoe
H9 - Snowflake Melt
I11 - Coyote Chase
M3 - Fireweed Flower

Yes, believe it or not it is ORANGE AGAIN!  If only I had a consistent run on the lottery ....


  1. You are really coming along! I love the diagram on your sidebar. It's nice to chart your progress with you. Such lovely work.