Monday 15 April 2013

Nearly Insane Quilt - Draw 5

Here is the block selection for Draw 5. Again, nothing too bad here - when will those 'insane' blocks make themselves known?
10 - 57 - 62 - 87
Nearly Insane Blocks 4, 30, 61 with Spring Polyanthus
Above are the set of blocks from my Nearly Insane Quilt Draw 4, Block 4, 30, and 61 .  I thought I would showcase my blocks against our Spring polyanthus. We have had a few warmer days this week, and I just managed to take this picture before the rain started again.  My posts have got a bit out of sync, due to having more time to sew, and less time to update my blog, but I think with this post I have pulled it all back into order.

Nearly Insane Quilt, English Paper Piecing Fabadashery
Nearly Insane Quilt, English Paper Piecing
I have started to gather a good pile of blocks, along with other bits and pieces for the Nearly Insane Quilt, but overall, it only represents about 17% of the total.  As you can see, I have made good headway with the pile of sashing strips, but the cornerstones are falling slightly behind.   So this is a review of my 'Design Wall', and so joining up with Patchwork Times today.

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  1. I love your blocks and the corner stones just look amazing, but what a massive quilt you are taking on! However i know that if you just try to enjoy the process at some point you finish. This is more true of epp i think as you can just plod along. Well done!